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Alongside my role as an educator in large groups, I offer individual coaching sessions designed to help you explore your vision of where you want to get to, how, and why, in your professional career.

Through these sessions you’ll come to enjoy greater mental and emotional wellbeing, begin to attract opportunities and gradually transform your thoughts, emotions and actions so that your life achieves ever greater alignment with your vision.

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Also, think about joining the Spark group on Facebook, a wonderful learning community where members support each other in their exploration of ideas, tools and techniques for a happier life.


“For several years Andrew has been a source of inspiration and a go-to expert in times of transition in my professional life. He knows how to listen, analyse and gently help give structure to my fuzzy ideas, moving them into a more strategic direction. His experience in a wide range of areas, including education, intercultural communication and the very effective management of online groups have contributed towards his becoming an excellent coach and mentor. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for support in making transformational decisions in their professional life.”
– SR.

“Andrew helped me figure out my next steps. Through coaching and a daily dose of exercises, I started to carve out a career path. A patient teacher, Andrew took me through a map of how to assert oneself with planning and introspection. I learned about training one’s own emotions and being in the right “heartset” and mindset for success. Right into only three sessions with Andrew, opportunities started to land in my inbox! What I saw at the beginning as extreme market resistance slowly gave way to more positive feedback and rising opportunities. I recommend Andrew’s coaching sessions to whoever might feel unsure about their next actions or where they want to be in their careers. Thanks to Andrew’s beaming positive energy, intelligence and great listening and analytical skills, I am gradually changing my outlook from “negative” to “proactive”.”
– NM.

“I received coaching from Andrew in 2018 during a period when I was looking to develop professionally to focus purely on working in the creative industries. The conversation between us was always very much led by me, with questions and prompts from Andrew, which I really liked. He was extremely supportive and very insightful in terms of his comments and feedback on points that I made. He enabled me to identify certain things about myself which I had never previously considered and which, I can honestly say, came to have a life changing impact over subsequent months. Andrew is a very positive, kind and gentle coach. This really worked for me. He made sessions feel comfortable and relaxed which ensured that I reaped maximum benefit from them. I would highly recommend Andrew’s coaching services to anyone who has reached a juncture in life or work and is looking for new perspectives to help them determine how to proceed.”
– CC.

“Andrew’s coaching helped me see that I was trying to run before I could walk, that the goals I had set for my fledgling business were a little too ambitious, that I should take smaller steps to get to where I want to be. His advice helped me increase my turnover by almost 50% last year and turn my original goals into a realistic vision for the future.”

– KB.

“One-to-one sessions with Andrew Morris are precious tools towards business and individual development. With a few questions, Andrew was able to identify what was stopping me from taking the obvious step forward in my translation business and with his guidance, it became much easier to work towards achieving my goals.”
– NR.
“Andrew has that wonderful ability to see your personal strengths and capabilities. He will help you find the courage to try your wings.”
– AA.

“Andrew is an extremely smart, compassionate and insightful person. Thanks to him, I am gradually changing my outlook on my professional life and feeling all the more positive and in charge. Working with him is both a tremendous help and a joy.”

– EF.

“From a coach, you want support, encouragement, inspiration, respect and a listening ear. Andrew offers all of this in spades. And good humour to boot! I would highly recommend his services.”
– DR.
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