I am an


A natural and highly experienced teacher, I specialise in setting up learning communities online, where people from various professional backgrounds come together to share experiences and ideas. Safe, troll-free zones, in which members have the confidence to grow, create, and aim to be more, do more and have more.
In my work for ProZ.com, the world’s biggest translator network, I am in charge of messaging: creating clear communication channels between the organisation and its users. This involves, among other things, running the main Facebook group for translators and interpreters, and another group for Translation Businesses, helping members in their search for greater professional and personal success.

In the Translation Mastermind, also run in partnership with ProZ.com, I bring together a global network of experienced, like-minded translators to explore a more holistic take on freelance fulfilment, brainstorm with peers and build professional friendships, in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. And check out the Translation Mastermind Members’ Directory, Academy and Events – important new initiatives 

The Language Mastermind is an online community for all those working with enthusiasm and energy on learning a language, whether as beginners or at any level. We explore attitudes, tips, tricks and ideas around language learning, in an encouraging atmosphere that rewards creativity, energy and initiative. And why not check out the website too – the perfect place to rekindle that passion for languages!

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